Creating the perfect trans-seasonal wardrobe

One of the best things about Christchurch is its ability to surprise us with a warm afternoon or a sunny day in the cooler months. With weather so changeable, though, it can be hard to get your outfit right without ending up too hot or too cold. Never fear: these tips will help you craft a winning wardrobe of killer outfits guaranteed to get you through from season to season.

Layers, layers, layers

Start with something light and cool that you can strip down to if necessary, and add from there. Cardigans and thin knits are your friend. Try a light tee (short or long-sleeved works) under a summery dress. Cotton scarfs always add something to your look and are easy to pull off and tuck in a bag or pocket when the sun comes out.

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Long pants, light fabrics

It’s time to start preparing your bare legs for their winter hibernation, but when it comes to your best trans-seasonal trouser game, go for cotton, linen or wide-leg for a bit of extra breathability. Softer fabrics with a bit of room to move are perfect for rolling up the cuffs too, should you be caught out on a hot autumn afternoon.

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Shirts and shirt dresses

These lightweight wardrobe staples are your saviour for changeable weather. Layer a loose long-sleeved shirt with jeans, chinos or a skirt, and roll or push back the sleeves for a casual-chic take on ‘the weather is warmer than I expected’. A shirt dress with a cinched waist is a flattering look for most body types, and you can easily throw a pair of tights in your bag and a light jacket to keep you covered for most autumn day outcomes.

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Blazers and light jackets

Something that completes your outfit but won’t have you cooking like a Sunday roast is the goal here. Denim jackets are ideal – they can be tied around your waist in the heat of the day, looking effortlessly casual and keeping you from having to carry them everywhere. Linen or cotton blazers are also a classic autumn staple: easy to wear to work, out to dinner, or on a coffee date with friends.

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Add colour

Keep a little bit of joy sparking all season long by making sure there’s a few splashes of colour in your wardrobe. A bit of vibrancy is even more welcome when the days are getting shorter and colder, and will help your look feel lively and fresh. Try swapping some of your black, grey or navy staples with something a bit bolder, and challenge yourself to add a couple of bright coloured or patterned pieces to your autumn rotation.

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Closed-toe shoes

Almost anything goes when it comes to all-year footwear, but you’re probably safest to stick with something enclosed to keep your tootsies warm. Ankle boots, mules, flats or sneakers are all fair game. Forgo the socks and flash a bit of ankle in cropped or rolled pants for a look that is absolutely on-trend.

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Image: Repertoire