French Film Festival director favours fun and romance

For Fergus Grady, director of the French Film Festival Aotearoa, our annual showcase of French cinema, the target audience is broad.

“The festival is associated with fun comedy, uplifting romance and drama. It’s not as tied to serious material as other festivals. We want people to come out and have a laugh, have a wine and pore over French actors and actresses.”

Christchurch cinephiles will be the first in the country to sample this year’s festival. The event features 23 of the best films to come out of France in the past year.

With a varied menu of drama, comedy, thrillers, romance and true stories, there’s something for everyone.

As well as screening at The Colombo’s Academy Gold cinema, festival films will be at the Deluxe and Lumière cinemas. The festival runs from Thursday 25 May to Sunday 11 June.

Highlights of this year’s programme include the sexy and oh-so-French Masquerade, directed by Nicolas Bedos and starring the ageless Isabelle Adjani; Éric Besnard’s bucolic buddy movie A Great Friend; Sugar and Stars, which tells the true story of champion pastry chef Yazid Ichemrahem; demi-sec romcom The Tasting;  and laugh-out-loud heist spoof The Innocent.

Pick up or download your festival programme and start booking if you don’t want to miss out.