Fur babies get shot at fashion fame

We don’t just tolerate dogs at The Colombo, we celebrate them! Our 2023 Dog Fashion Show will be on Sunday, 15 October, so mark the date.

Got a potential winner? Registrations are open. Numbers are limited so make sure you don’t miss out on a spot.

Last year’s show was our first and it totally went off. We reckon about 600 people came along. Many brought their canine companions. On stage, 32 dogs paraded in their finest fashion and with their humans in tow.

Manners were impeccable, from both dogs and humans. No catty behaviour from either.

Year-round, our central area is dog-friendly for friendly dogs, provided you’ve got Fido on a leash (or in a handbag). So bring your furry pal in to The Colombo for a doggy date and set yourself up at one of the central tables for a happy lunch in the company of your best friend.

While our central area is dog-friendly, each store in the complex has its own policy so you’ll need to check with staff whether it’s OK to bring your dog into your favourite shops

Looking to enter the fashion show? Here are our tips for the day.

Dog comfort comes first

If your fur baby looks freaked out, that’s not good for anyone. Any dog that appears distressed will be out of the running, so:

  • Don’t force your dog into clothes if it’s resisting.
  • Dress the dog just before the show and undress it straight after – your dog probably doesn’t want to wear clothes in the car all the way to The Colombo and back home.
  • Choose fabrics that are light, soft and comfortable to wear.
  • Remember, it’s just for fun – if your dog isn’t into it on the day, there’s no shame in pulling out.

Be different

The judges are looking for doggie fashion that stands out from the crowd. A pre-made costume you picked up from the pet store probably isn’t going to cut it. Check out the gallery of photos from last year on the registration page to see what you are up against.

Think colour

The Colombo is all about looks that pop, and we love seeing fashion with some colour to it. If you’ve got the perfect monochrome costume, then don’t let us stop you, but make sure you think big!


The key to stunning fashion is using accessories in interesting and new ways. Just remember to keep it safe for your dog! Certain types of jewellery and accessories might be a choking or strangulation risk.