First Thursdays - ABRACADABRA. | The Colombo
First Thursdays - ABRACADABRA.

First Thursdays - ABRACADABRA.

When: Thursday 4th August 2016 

Where: Sydenham & The Colombo 
What: An evening of entertainment

Something wonderful this way comes! First Thursdays Christchurch invites you to ABRACADABRA - join us for a magical night of free arts and entertainment. Combining art, exhibitions, music, markets and more - we invite you to explore and be enchanted by Sydenham. Art galleries and shops at The Colombo and throughout Sydenham will be open late, as well as numerous pop up exhibitions featuring work by local and national artists. With ABRACADABRA as our theme, come and be whisked away for the night by fae folklore, installations and artistic acts of alchemy and transformation! There’s something for everyone!