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Flora IPA Series hits The Beer Library.

Flora IPA Series hits The Beer Library.

The 'Flora’ series is a celebration of the wondrous diversity of plant life in Aotearoa / New Zealand by way of one incredibly versatile imported crop — humulus lupulus — and the many varieties of IPA it has inspired.

In the Collection you'll find: 

6.9 % - alc./vol. 

As a generation of American brewers celebrated their hops, regional variations emerged: the U.S. West Coast became famed for punchy, bitter hops on a strong-but-dry golden base. The hop growers kept on innovating, as well, and we’ve used several ‘new school’ varieties for a fresh, tropical and citrus hit.

For all their differences, the Chatham Island Forget-Me-Not and our beloved humulus lupulusare both technically perennial herbs; they don’t grow a persistent woody stem, but instead die back each season to endure the cold before sending out shoots in the spring on which new flowers will grow — brilliant blue for Kopakopa, sticky green for hops.

7.7% - alc./vol.

Red IPA is just that: the familiar assertive hops on a richer, blood-red malt base. Classic American hop flavours of pine and citrus are carried along on a substantial, spicy and caramel-sweet body. It’s intentionally intense.

 The striking crimson blossoms of the Rātā family (and their leathery-leafed cousin Pōhutukawa, for which they are often mistaken) transform much of the New Zealand landscape every year. In an often-told version of the story of Tāwhaki, they were stained that colour when he died falling back to earth after climbing to find heaven to avenge a death in his family.

7.9% - alc./vol.

In a ‘Double’ IPA a bigger pale malt base makes the beer significantly stronger, as you’d expect. But it’s all about providing a foundation, rather than balance; all the better to show off enormous quantities of massively aromatic New Zealand grown Riwaka and Australian Vic Secret hops. The combination is full of intensely juicy tropical and citrus flavours — and this beer lets them shine, lets them sing.

Kōwhai’s distinctively lush yellow blooms (so striking that they make the plant synonymous with the colour in Te Reo) are our de facto national flower, and their nectar is a perennial favourite of Tui and Kererū.

Wood Rose 
7.0% - alc./vol.

In the 1970s, American microbrewers reinvigorated IPA and spurred an ongoing obsession. The overt floral and grapefruit notes of the Cascade hop made the world take notice. We’ve used it here, together with the pine-resin character of other classic U.S. varieties, to salute the old school.

The ‘Wood Rose’ — actually a distorted root — is often the sole sign of Dactylanthus, a parasitic plant which spurns the sun and siphons energy out from under its host. But this Pua O Te Reinga, the flower of the underworld, does bloom: clustered onto stalks that creep up into the light, tens of thousands of tiny florets briefly pepper the forest floor each year.

The full series is available at The Beer Library.