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J'aime Les Macarons new Winter Menu.

J'aime Les Macarons new Winter Menu.

We are proud to present J'aime Les Macarons' Winter 2016 macaron collection.

The Winter selection has been inspired by the most beautiful and luxe tastes of winter – golden caramels, rich fruits including plums, blackcurrants, pears, and rhubarb, earthy tones of walnuts, black sesame seeds, dates, and warming spices of ginger and chai. Our available seasonal flavours this winter are as follows;

Plum & Blackberry * White Chocolate * Pear & Ginger * Black Sesame * Salted Caramel Espresso * Apple Walnut * Blackcurrant & Violet * Peanut Butter & Jam * Coconut Chai * Rhubarb & Custard & Sour Cherry & Vanilla * Sticky Date Pudding

The Winter 2016 Collection of macarons will be available in-store at J'aime Les Macarons from 20 April 2016 – 1 November 2016. 

We hope you enjoy them & have a beautiful & cosy winter!