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Rip Into Autumn! How to Distress you Denim.

Rip Into Autumn! How to Distress you Denim.

As much as we love new purchases there's no denying the place we hold in our hearts for a worn in pair of jeans!

With Autumn arriving and the Summer dresses slowly getting stored away, we thought it was time to add some life into our old classics by distressing our denim jeans and turning them into something fresh! 

Follow these simple instructions below and get ripping! 

You will need: 
An old pair of Jeans

Craft Knife



Safety Pin 

Step 1
Slip into your jeans, and with chalk mark the areas you want to distress.

Step 2
Place magazine or piece of card board into the jean to prevent craft knife cutting through both layers of the fabric.

Step 3
Use Craft knife to start slicing the lines you have marked.

Step 4
Continue to slice in horizontal strips. Make each strip about 1/2 inch to an inch apart. The cuts don't need to be equal in length or in width.

Step 5
Flip the first strip over and individually tease out each white thread with the sharp point of a safety pin. 

Step 6
Once you've teased out enough of the long white strands, you'll notice that a frayed fringe will have formed. Use your tweezers to pluck out and remove those short vertical threads.

Step 7
Repeat steps five and six for each strip. For variety, try leaving a skinny strip untouched and use sandpaper to fray the edges. 

And you done! Enjoy your fabulous new ripped Jeans!