Niq James, Headspace

Niq James has been a leading light in Christchurch’s hairdressing community for two decades now. The qualified hairdresser and master barber is artistic director of one of the city’s top salons, Headspace, and Dapper Barber and Style Lounge, now at The Colombo.

We caught up with Niq for a few style tips.

What is your favourite hairstyle?

My favourite cut or style would be the bob – I love it, such a beautiful classic that can be easily personalised for different client needs. For the boys, I still like a good high and tight fade with a side parting, maybe some wave for the more adventurous guy.

Is it true that gentlemen prefer blondes?

I think that it’s a myth; I think women prefer to be blonde as it gives the look and feel of glamour. We have in-salon blonde specialists and the work they do is just beautiful.

Favourite go-to hair products?

Redken Spray Wax – it comes in an aerosol can, has great control without the thick gluing texture that wax sometimes gives. Great for guys and girls. Also System Professional Instant Energy dry conditioner (like dry shampoo but without the grit). It leaves hair fresh and in beautiful condition. And Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray provides volume and texture without the ‘crunch’.

Best advice for someone trying to return to their natural colour?

It’s a case of personalising the look for the client. Keep going to the salon as you grow the old colour out. Be guided by your stylist. We have a colour range that allows us to make a bespoke coloured conditioner to meet our clients’ needs. These are great to add some colour and shine to white hair and give the client some easy ways to alter or enhance the grey. It’s all about healthy hair. Our mantra is ‘beautiful hair needs an expert’ and we have stylists that are trained to deliver that.

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